Le Dîner en Blanc – Los Angeles

Yesterday I attended the Los Angeles iteration of Le Diner en Blanc, a pop-up dinner party that has been organizing at landmarks in various cities around the world.

At the last minute, the location is given to thousands of friends and acquaintances who have been patiently waiting to learn the “Dîner en Blanc’s” secret place. Thousand of people, dressed all in white, and conducting themselves with the greatest decorum, elegance, and etiquette, all meet for a mass “chic picnic” in a public space. – Diner en Blanc

Los Angeles’s version was organized by San Francisco-based events company Handmade Events and took place at the Natural History Museum near Downtown Los Angeles.

Even though these dinner parties occur in different cities around the world, the structure remains the same:

  • Arrival – We arrived to rows of bare folding tables and chairs in an open grassy field in front of the Natural History Museum. We checked in along with hundreds of other like-minded individuals, our arms overflowing with bags of food, flowers, and candles. It was particularly exciting seeing everyone in the uniform of the evening, dressed all in white.
  • Set Up – We proceeded to unload our wares and prepare our table. It was fun walking around and checking out everyone else’s spread, some of which were quite impressive (and inspirational for our next impromptu dinner).

  • Napkin Wave – Signaling the commencement of dinner, all attendees took their napkins and waved them in the air… everyone except our party. We, unfortunately, had only Bounty paper towels and humbly abstained.
  • Bon Appetit!

    A quartet provided the musical backdrop to this affair.
  • Dance Party – As the last slice of cake was consumed and the dessert course finished, the quartet gave way to the dj, who helped provide the evening’s cardio segment. The vino consumed during the dinner helped facilitate as well.

  • Clean Up et Sortie – As quickly as the grassy field became the venue for an incredible dinner event, so was it returned. Leftover food and wilting flowers were bagged up and taken away, leaving nothing but the bare tables and chairs that were broken down and removed by the event company.

Here are the rest of the pictures that I took that evening:



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