Review: Zeikos Universal Adapter, Telescopic Lens, and Fisheye Lens

Ever wish you could get a little more from your point-and-shoot? You might not be able to put away the DSLR envy, but with the Zeikos Universal Adapter, Telescopic Lens, and Fisheye Lens, you’ll get some great shots and have fun with it!

The Universal Adapter

The Universal Adapter easily installs into the tripod socket on the bottom of your point-and-shoot. The adapter ring, which attaches to your auxiliary lenses and filters, fits snugly around your compact camera’s lens. The anti-slip rubber on the adapter keeps the adapter in the right place, for the most part. On occasion, when turning on the camera, I would get a lens error due to the camera lens not being able to extend out; however, after some slight nudging of the adapter to get it to the right place, the camera lens would slide smoothly out.

Telescopic Lens

The Telescopic lens magnifies the existing zoom on your camera by 3.5x. Although it may not be as good as a real telephoto DSLR lens, it gets the job done in a significantly smaller package.

This photo was taken with the maximum optical zoom on my camera.

Here is the same shot with the telescopic lens attached. You get a significant closer shot without losing the resolution/detail you would if you went with digital zoom. You do get some distortion on the edges and a slight halo effect throughout the picture, so it’s not great for professional use. Then again, if you’re pro, you’d probably be shooting with a DSLR. However, for amateur photography, the significant gain in zoom outweighs the negatives.

Fisheye Lens

I had a LOT of fun with the fisheye. Check out my Coachella pics – I couldn’t get enough of it!

The fisheye lens helps you get a wider angle shot. It also heavily distorts your photo; however, this distortion is specifically why you would get the fisheye as opposed to a wide angle lens). They make for some interesting pictures!

Here’s a shot without the fisheye lens attached.

Here’s the same shot with the fisheye. Notice that there is a step-back to the zoom, but you also are able to a wider field of view. The fisheye distorts the edges of your photo, but I think it’s a quite interesting perspective.

You are able to attach filters to the adapter and the lenses, which can help with different kinds of shots. All in all, for  some added functionality without permanently marring my camera, the adapter and the lenses did exactly what I needed!

Zeikos Universal Lens Adapter – $18
Zeikos 37mm High Quality 3.5X Telephoto Lens – $35
Zeikos 37mm High Quality 0.40x Fisheye Lens – $20


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