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One of my favorite procrastination tools is photographer Todd Selby‘s site, The Selby.

The Selby was started in 2008 as a collection of Todd’s photo shoots in the homes of his beautiful and creative friends, enviously composed of fashion models and designers, artists, musicians, and editors. Since then, he continues to do these intimate shoots but has also collaborated with companies such as Cole Haan and Louis Vuitton, published the book “The Selby Is In Your Place“, and become a regular columnist on the NYT T Magazine (with accompanying site Edible Selby).

The Selby [is] an online Architectural Digest for the hipster set. – Laura Neilson, Cool Hunting

The Selby is much more than just a collection of pretty interiors – the focus of Todd’s shoots is the personality of the subject as seen through their furniture, art pieces, chotskies, and other oddities. You almost feel guilty going through their personal things, but your curiosity into what makes these quirky geniuses tick will keep you flipping through. Todd supplements his photos with watercolor drawings he does himself as well as quirky questionnaires that he has his subjects fill out. These simply add to the fun and intimate feel you get from his pics.

Here are some of my favorite shots:

Designer Phillippe Starck at home – I love how his home is such a contrast to the minimalist design that he is known for.

Bobb Bruno – I have no idea who he is Half of LA-based indie rock band Best Coast, that suit in his simple home is magical.

GQ’s “The Style Guy” Glenn O’Brien – I always read his column when I get an issue, so I found it interesting to see what his place is like.

Pharrell Williams – his penthouse is packed with Murakami art, Family Guy stuff, LV trunks. Totally fits his persona.

Krysten Ritter – I really like this actress. Her place seems so comfortable and fantastically retro as well, which kind of reminds me of Zooey Deschanel, but with less aloofness.

The Selby has definitely influenced me in the way I approach my own interiors. I feel that every piece of furniture or chotsky should have a story, or be part of mine. It’s part of the reason I like walking through flea markets and garage sales – I’m drawn to the character of old items. It’s also why I’m a DIY-er, giving life to something that will have a story of its own.

Even though I moved into my place about six months ago, the majority of our walls and shelves are empty. Luckily, I’m patient – I’m just looking for the right piece that fits my story.


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